Lets go Mutilate our Bodies!

“If we do this, we’re in this together. There’s no turning back.”

Manufactured Beauty made it’s world-premiere last night at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival! The five-day festival kicked off with the Frankenfilm Festival. Content creators were challenged with creating a short movie inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein.”

Millie Jean and her team took a different approach to the classic. Manufactured Beauty looks at our need for validation and companionship. After being publicly belittled, protagonists Gabby and Josue alter their bodies to become perfection (After downing Ibuprofen and watching a few Youtube tutorials, of course).

The audience gasped as they saw Gabby and Josue become caricatures of modern beauty.

“I’m super proud of what we created,” says writer and director Millie Jean Warren. “Everyone did an awesome job and I’m so grateful they brought my piece to life!”

Manufactured Beauty stars Millie Jean as Gabby, Shiloh Kinney as Josue, Bridggett Bess as Imani and Cree Armstead as Jasmine.

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